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Sosua Catamaran News Podcast
Sosua Catamaran News Podcast
Ocean Health Benefits

Ocean Health Benefits

The ocean benefits to human health is a topic we covered in this podcast, as part of a series related to the ocean lifestyle and wellness, with the intent to explore the true benefits of spending time in or near the ocean.

Podcast Excerpt:

The marine world is the most important ecosystem on earth: its waters have been creating life over the millennia. We ourselves come from a single-celled marine organism. In it is the elixir of the origins of life, and its intake nourishes our body in an excellent way.

Sea water is a source of mineral resources in which, with greater or lesser concentration, all the elements of the periodic table necessary for our body are found. The list of benefits humans get from the ocean is long, here we include the main ones:

ocean benefits health and wellness

Activate all five senses. Its sound, soft and rhythmic, favors our hearing, making it easier for our hearing sensation to increase. The blue color, its smell, the salt it contains and its texture, activate the rest of the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch).

This is what helps us enter a meditative state of peace and tranquility, since we have all five senses trapped and concentrated in a single element. When we are calm and at peace, we easily enter a meditative state, of meditation.

Marine biologist Wallace Nichols, PhD, coined the term “blue mind” in his book of the same name to describe the benefits of being near water.

“The sound and vision of the ocean lift our mood,” says consultant psychiatrist Dr Arghya Sarkhel. “The touch of sand and the smell of a seaside breeze leads to relaxation.

Puerto Plata, located in the North Dominican Republic is a mecca of yachting and ocean activities due to its miles of gorgeous beaches, reefs and natural reserves available for touring. This is where the Sosua catamaran private charters take visitors, including the top snorkel areas where colorful reef fish are abundant.

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