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Sosua ATV Rental

Sosua ATV rentals
Sosua ATV rentals ride through rivers and forests

Sosua ATV rental is included in the top 5 tours for bachelors visiting Sosua, and this eco adventure takes the visitor through the hillside rivers, forests, mountains, farms and beautiful natural landscapes that make Sosua so special. There are several routes to choose from, be sure to know you will get muddy and dirty from all the sand and debris, but it is fun.

The tour departs from Bella Vista, where the Sosua river is born; from there the riders follow the lead Quad into the Martinico river for a stop, head towards the Yasica river dam and keep going through the local villages to El Saltadero, a hidden canyon waterfall. The tour lasts 3 hours and costs US$65/ATV, some units can sit two people.

What to bring: light clothing, considering it will get wasted; a bandanna to cover your mouth, shoes that cover the foot, preferably ankle high. Goggles and helmet are provided in the tour, also refreshments. If you have an action camera (such as Gopro) you can use, the angles will be perfect in a Sosua ATV rental tour. It is recommended to bring a bathing suit to cool off in the Sosua rivers.

ATV Safety: even though by appearance quads look super stable, it is not easy for new drivers with no experience. ATVs can be dangerous if an unexperienced driver tries a donut or drag racing. Better to stay with the group and follow the basic rules so everyone can enjoy the trip in a much safer way.