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Sosua Yacht Catering Menu

Sosua yacht catering menu options provide a great selection based on the private charters passengers preferences; for morning cruises it can be breakfast around 9:00 or 10:00am, or brunch closer to 11:00am. For the 1:00pm – 5:00pm schedule lunch is the natural choice. The sunset cruise from 5:00pm-9:00pm will find dinner options as seen in the menu below.

What is included in the yachts packages? passengers can choose between Wings, Ribs, BBQ chicken or Ham/Cheese (or Turkey) Sandwiches. The packages also includes sodas, water bottles, beer and rum. The first menu options below are the ones included in the charter.

bbq chicken

BBQ Chicken & Veggies

BBQ chicken is great to sustain a person who is exposed to the elements on the sea, and also drinking alcohol.

Turkey or Ham Sandwich

Ham and cheese sandwiches are known favorites for boating, Turkey just as well.

Pork ribs from the Sosua Yacht Catering Menu

BBQ Pork Ribs

BBQ Pork Ribs are a favorite in yacht parties, delicious and great to pair with most drinks and side dishes.

BBQ Chicken Wings

Boating parties and BBQ wings go hand in hand, this is why it made it to the top list of yachting foods.

Extra Catering On Request:

Morning Cruise

For the morning cruise we recommend breakfast if the group is arriving with an empty stomach,  or brunch if they prefer to eat closer to noon time. Due to the boating environment, the selection must be foods that can be prepared one hour before consumption. Having a chef in the yacht full time is possible to cook onboard, at an added cost. Contact us for a quote.

French Toast and Fruits

Voilá, oven made French toast tastes and behaves better than pancakes in a boat, hence the selection.

croissant sandwich from Sosua Yacht Catering Menu

Croissant Sandwich

A croissant club sandwich is a quick, clean bite that feels fantastic when yachting, a very complete meal.

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos can be stuffed with eggs, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato. These can be enjoyed with various dips.

Fruit platter

Fruit Platter with Dips

A Classic, healthy choice is the fruit platter with dips. Fresh tropical fruit from the island, mixed with great dips.

French toast (oven baked) is much better than pancakes, though it is possible to follow the client’s instructions and do pancakes instead if requested so. Fruits selection varies with seasonal changes, so instead of berries we might add mango, pineapple, water melon, passion fruit, papaya, dragon fruit,  kiwi, etc.

Other foods that we offer for breakfast: Crêpes, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, American breakfast ( bacon, ham or sausages), Cheeseburgers, Pancakes, Granola, Yoghurt and Muffins.

Charcuterie Board

charcuterie board for sosua yacht catering

A charcuterie board provides plenty of protein to offset alcohol intake in yacht parties, and taste delicious. It can be customized with ham, serrano, cheese varieties, fruits, olives, and crackers. The platter can also be a multi-tiered tray for easier reach of the guests during the buffet time.

Brunch / Lunch Options
walking tacos

Walking Tacos

Walking tacos make sure you can walk in a boat safely, as the tacos are contained in a Lays bag, zero spilling.

chicken cordon bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu wraps chicken meat around cheese and ham, garnished with vegetables. Quite tasty, goes with many side dishes.

caprese meatballs

Caprese Meatballs

Caprese meatballs add the famous Italian salad elements to the meatball, an exquisite fingerfood for yacht parties.

chips and salsa

Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are easy meals for yachting, specially when drinking beer or cocktails (as opposed to drinking scotch).

Chicken Caesar Wraps

Chicken Caesar salad wraps with various types of tortillas. Avocado can be added when available in season.

Chicken Pasta Salad

Chicken pasta salad with veggies keeps it healthy and yummy, a big plus in catamaran and yacht charters. It can also be Caesar salad with chicken.


Classic Cheese burgers

Fast food can be a blessing when boating, and cheeseburgers are a great choice. Double bacon makes them even better.

bbq chicken for yacht charters

Glazed Wings

Glazed chicken wings and are a complement when ordering extra catering, perfect with a hearty salad or fries as a side dish.

For events such as weddings, vow renewals and other parties we provide a menu of canapés, seafood, Paella, fish filet, steaks and other specialized foods we can prepare onboard with a dedicated private chef that stays throughout the party schedule.

Chef services provided by Sosua Chef.