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Sosua Weather

Sosua Weather is usually cool and sunny throughout the year, as in most of the Caribbean. There are sunny days that require the usage of UV filter protection cream to avoid sunburn, also a hat can help, and sunglasses when you are at rest in the beach or in a boat. The weather information below is live streamed by Windy, and the parameters can be changed using the upper right corner button.


Boating is all about weather, so we are constantly monitoring conditions on a daily basis to ensure that those days when weather is not ideal we offer to reschedule or cancel a charter. Sometimes the weather looks great until we get to the pier and see the choppy ocean conditions of a ground swell.

What is a ground swell? Technically, this is a swell which, on reaching a depth of less than half its wave-length, starts to become shorter and steeper, preparatory to breaking in even shallower water. In that sense it is a wave-train which is influenced by the nearness of the ground. But to most yacht skippers, a ground swell is just a swell which arrives from far off when there is no local wind to set up seas of the same height. 

Going out on a charter under those conditions will have people getting seasick, so we prefer to ask them to either reschedule or cancel with full refund privileges.