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Puerto Plata Carnival

Puerto Plata Carnival

The Puerto Plata Carnival on February 19th and 26th, with live music shows at La Puntilla amphiteather in el Malecon. With joyful and hectic tours through neighborhood sectors the first two Sundays of February will begin the 2023 edition of the Carnival of this province, reported the president of the Puerto Plata Carnival Union (UCAPPLATA), Dr. Yanko Souffront.

He explained that this change is due to the fact that a representative sample of Los Taimáscaros, led by him, will participate from February 9 to 13 in the carnival of Nice, France, representing the Caribbean and for this reason the presentations in the amphitheater area will be held on Sunday 19 and Saturday 25 of that month.

Puerto Plata carnival

“I and other UCAPPLATA executives, as well as the members of the Taimáscaro collective travelers to France and the other group of leaders will stay here developing the carnival that the first two Sundays will tour different areas of Puerto Plata and will end in the amphitheater area,” stressed.

He said that on Sunday the 19th the carnival will continue as it has always been celebrated with artistic groups on this occasion in the amphitheater area and on Saturday the 25th they will bring the Kanibarú gala show to the same stage with the main comparsas from all over the country. Yanko Souffront advanced when questioned in “All Inclusive” that the grand final parade will be held on March 11 on the boardwalk with delegations from all over the country and artistic presentations in the amphitheater of the lace of the boardwalk, which he coordinates with Clara Olivo from Santiago.

Souffront reported that the carnival, whose queen is Gabriela Esmeralda Villanueva and its king Momo is Olivo Rodríguez, is sponsored by the Administrative Ministries of the Presidency and Tourism, the government, the city council, Brugal and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, institutions and companies that he thanked for their support.

The Puerto Plata carnival has changed scenery since its origins, a time when it had an itinerant character, spending many years later around the Central Park, then in six areas of the boardwalk, in front of Tourism, behind the fire department, in the quarter mile, the Restoration Lodge, in the vicinity of Long Beach and this year in the area and in the amphitheater. Sosua Catamaran customers can get the information via the concierge, and book transfers to this parade.

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