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Puerto Plata Catamaran Weddings

catamaran weddings in Puerto Plata
Tying the knot in a Catamaran is very exciting.

Puerto Plata catamaran weddings are an ideal way to tie the knot in the Caribbean, sailing the Dominican Republic North Coast. surrounded by the beautiful beach and ocean shore scenery, the nautical nuptials party sails from the Playa Dorada beach or Sosua Beach.

The party sails into Sosua along the beaches; stopping at various landmarks as the beautiful backdrop of the event varies along the sailing path. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly release the air while imagining a sailing mast wrapped with gorgeous Dahlias;

Your maids of honor wearing pastel hues of Caribbean colors, you and the groom in white matching the catamaran sails while the ocean, your loved ones and best friends as solemn witnesses to your blessed ceremony.

floral and satin arch in a catamaran wedding
Catamaran weddings use the ocean as the main backdrop.

Dominican Weddings Catamaran

We offer 3 types of powered and sailing catamarans for weddings in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; for capacities of up to 20, 30, and 60 people. fully crewed, with bedrooms, bathrooms and wide body decks. The wedding packages includes the following:

  • Wedding Catamaran
  • Coordinator
  • Officiant
  • Decoration
  • Music DJ
  • Wedding cake
  • Drinks
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Documentation

Yacht Wedding Decoration

The yacht wedding decoration is available with any color combination, and most catamaran weddings will consists of flower-based details. Lunar balloons are also available, and materials such as Organza, Suede, Silk, Satin, Tafetta, Velvet, Linens and other popular fabrics and patterns. Organic materials from coconut and other palms are often the main highlight of an island wedding, and applied to Catamaran weddings as well.

Dominican wedding in Puerto Plata
Advantages of Catamaran Weddings

The average couple takes 12-18 months planning a wedding, and the process can be, stressful, expensive and time consuming. Such a meaningful event should be more relaxing, less expensive and, feel like a true vacation. Catamaran weddings advantages are obvious:

  • A Truly Romantic Setting
  • Zero Stress Planning
  • Exotic, Dynamic Venue
  • Vacation+Honeymoon
  • Less Expensive
  • Amazing Photos and Video
  • Private Yacht Charter
  • Caribbean Wedding Vibes

Considering the cost of the average wedding these days, a destination wedding is the way to go as  a more relaxing, cost effective way to tie the knot.

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How to Plan a Catamaran Wedding

Just follow these simple selection steps and you can take some notes, confirm the selection and let us know your thoughts.

  • Buy the wedding rings.
  • Pick a date for the wedding.
  • Choose the type of wedding; some couples do the civil ceremony at home and the symbolic in the island. Some do both here.
  • Calculate the number of traveling guests, plus bride and groom.
  • Decide on lodging options; private villa or all-inclusive resort.
  • Check flights online, the earlier in advance you book, the cheaper the cost of flying.
  • Choose a Catamaran wedding package; the size of the yacht will be proportional to the number of guests, unless requested otherwise.
  • Read the Dominican Republic marriage requirements (below) so you can start getting the paperwork ready.
  • Use the Catamaran weddings section navigation to help you choose wedding colors, cocktails, catering, decoration, cake, dress, music, hairstyle and wedding shoes.
Dominican Wedding Requirements
Legal requirements to get a civil union in DR