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Catamaran Wedding Groom Outfit

Catamaran Wedding Groom Outfits

Catamaran wedding groom outfits can be any color the groom loves to wear, and so there are nautical nuptials where we see the groom in black and other vibrant colors. for many, wearing navy blue pays homage to the yachting lifestyle, and yet others consider lighter hues in between.

Classic Groom Styles

Classic groom attire can be a suit, tuxedo, three piece, or else depending on your views on style. According to an article in Brides Magazine on 16 best wedding suits: “If the wedding calls for formal attire, opt for impeccably tailored suits in classic colors like navy and black;

or go for a three-piece style for a more statement-making look. For a casual dress code, opt for less structured silhouettes and forgo ties and pocket squares for a more laid back aesthetic”.

Yacht Wedding Groom

For more than 80% of yacht weddings, the chosen colors are navy blue, white and light blue. Other colors are light tan, light pink, cream, and dark navy. In reality, guys have an easier time picking up wedding attire than women. An article on best wedding suits for men by GQ UK sums it all up.

navy blue groom suit

If the bride selects her dress with blue or other color, the groom can sport a white tuxedo or suit. It works great if there is some contrast between the two, although we’ve seen weddings where both groom and bride dress wearing the same colors.

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