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Mobile Photography Tips

Yacht Photography With A Mobile Phone

Mobile Photography Tips

Mobile photography tips always come in handy when we’re getting ready for a catamaran party, Sosua yacht rental or any other event we want to save as a souvenir.

Learning the tips and tricks will take some of your time watching these videos, then you’ll be ready to impress your best friends as a pro mobile photographer, and maybe find your new passion.

Composition = Framing

Composition is framing the subject in a proper way that shows the right spaces up/down and left/right. It is fairly simple once you get the basic 2 minute explanation or watch one of the videos below. It can be done with the native iPhone app or a pro photo app.

For those initiating in photography, learn the basic rules in those videos, and when you`re ready, break all the rules as you see fit. Photography is all about perspective, and sometimes you need an angle not found in the books to get the perfect shot.

Mobile Pro Modes

Mobile pro modes in the Samsung models are part of the native camera, just find the pro mode in the camera menu under “more”. The iPhone does not have a native pro mode, but you can download an app like Lightroom or the Pro Camera app from Reflex.

Mobile Photo Editing

Photo editing in a mobile phone is easier than most people think, there is the native app and additional tools available on the app store of apple or Android. Light Room, Photoshop, and so many other editors allow us to edit any photo.

Best Angles

Great angles can make or break a photo, and is literally the first step towards pro-looking composition. These videos explain the tricks behind those fantastic photos you see and wonder why you just haven’t nailed it when using the camera.

Mobile Camera Lenses

Mobile camera lenses will let you narrow or expand the photo, so it is a good idea to understand the potential of using a telephoto, wide or ultra wide lens. These videos explain all three for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Split Underwater Photos

Split underwater photos look and feel out of a super magazine, because shooting halfway between water and horizon creates a stunning effect. There are various brands available, we use Gdome and so far it has worked well.

Imagine you book the Sosua Bay Catamaran for a yacht party, and someone brings a split shot dome? You can swim below the water and have your photo halfway between the yacht and the ocean, with stunning effects. 

Food Photography

Food photography usually means getting close to the subject at hand, and these days many people love to post great dishes on social media.  These video tutorials will graduate you with honors on the gourmet side of mobile photography.

Action Photos

Ever taken a photo that turned out blurry? that is because of movement (of people, cars, etc) so you need a faster shutter speed in pro mode or action mode in the auto settings of your phone. This will “freeze” the action and deliver a great picture.

If you prefer to read a text tutorial with images on mobile photography tips, visit the Taking Great Photos in a Yacht article, it is an update with more complete information and photo examples. Booking a Catamaran party in Sosua is the perfect occasion to shoot awesome photos with your mobile phone.

Don’t forget the cover with lanyard to secure your phone when yachting, remember you need to have one hand on the rails when walking or standing in a yacht, or catamaran.

Professional Photography

Professional photography service is available in our event planning page of this website. Aerial drone shots and underwater photos make a lasting impression on your social media profile. Visit the booking page and reserve your catamaran charter with professional services for your next trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.