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Catamaran Wedding Colors

Wedding Color Combinations

Catamaran Wedding Colors

Catamaran wedding colors are one of the main subjects of any wedding, as it creates the perfect visual impression of such an important event. Color combinations used in most wedding celebrations in the Caribbean can be either traditional colors, or the ones that reflect the natural surroundings, in organic hues that blend with the tropics.


Caribbean Island Hues

There are many online resources with endless wedding color combinations, which is great for brides as they can tailor the selection according to what they expect in their very special occasion. We also suggest to watch the videos below so you can get an interesting perspective on the latest trends.

When you celebrate a wedding in a catamaran or a yacht, the set up is far less complex than in any other type of traditional venue; although the color principles still apply and beach/tropical motifs can be used as well in smaller amounts.

Catamaran weddings are very special, and the true set up is the ocean back drop that inspires so many fantasies.

Beach Weddings Themes

The Knot is a known website for their in depth coverage of every aspect of wedding planning; we recommend their section on Beach wedding color palettes where you can have an overview of gorgeous themes for your event. We also recommend you take a look at the Beach wedding color schemes by Beach Bride, another very resourceful website on weddings.

beach wedding motif and pin
Beach wedding motifs are also used in catamaran weddings.
Tropical Wedding Themes
tropical wedding
Tropical weddings usually require richer colors.

Tropical wedding themes are somewhat similar to beach themes with deeper, richer colors. The palette in this theme can include color such as tan, white, lime, magenta, coral, sage green pink, aqua, orange, tangerine and many more.

A useful article on island-inspired tropical wedding colors by June bug weddings is recommended. Feel free to experiment your own color combinations as you see fit, after all this is your very own special day. 

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