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Catamaran Charters Directory

catamaran charters worldwide

The yachting lifestyle takes you cruising to many latitudes, so we understand you need reliable sources when you travel elsewhere. This catamaran and yacht charters directory provides a carefully selected list of international listings so you can find a provider no matter where you are, globally.

Be it a charter in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, North America, Central and South America or even the middle East, these providers deliver all sizes of catamaran and motor yachts, from small to medium and super yachts. When it comes to the North Dominican Republic, we at Sosua Catamaran are, all yours.


Top Ten: Yacht Charter Directories.

Cruising World

Cruising world offers a large directory of yacht charters in all major yachting destinations including the Caribbean.

large motor yacht

Charter World

Charter boat types that range from luxury crewed motor charter yachts to sailing bareboats from around the world.

motor yacht

Sail Magazine

This directory is a top 12 list of yacht charters from several locations, and includes important industry providers.

yacht speeding

Yacht Match

Yacht Match offers you a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts from the renowned yards.

types of yachts

The Moorings

A leader in the industry, The Moorings is all about great catamarans, straight from one of the best factories in the world.

mega yacht flying fox

Imperial Yachts

Imperial Charter Directory is the ultimate review of the world’s most renowned charter destinations.

The Yachting Industry Bounces Back

After a long pause during 2020-22 the yacht industry bounced back, with a refreshed perspective. Newer motor yachts, catamarans and boats joined the fleets around the world, and improvements in services such as satellite Internet at super high speeds make yachting even more reliable for those who still need to be connected when sailing.

Thinking of buying a yacht? learn the pros and cons of the top models by visiting the types of power yacht types page, then visit the worldwide catamaran manufacturers directory to select where to get your special yacht. That source includes Trimarans, Catamarans and sailing only cats.

Charter Index

Charter Index

One of the most complete online charter directories, includes yachts and catamaran of all sizes and budgets.

yachts worldwide

Yachts Worldwide

A network of yacht sales and charters worldwide, from various directories. An important source for yachting sources.

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Video Resources

Some of the best tips and tutorials on yachting, destinations and charter agencies are found on video, and audio visual is far more engaging to most users. These video resources are rotated with fresh content, be sure to check the list of Youtube channels below for up to date videos on catamaran and yacht charters worldwide, including the Caribbean.

Planning to buy a catamaran or trimaran? visit the worldwide catamaran manufacturers directory and find the very top shipyards including all the South African ship builders. Our section on types of catamaran can help you browse the various types before you make a decision on whether you prefer a monohull or multihull ( Catamaran or Trimaran ).

Dominican Republic Yacht Parties

Dominican Republic yacht parties happen around the island’s various tourist spots, and the top one from the list is, Puerto Plata. This North DR city is the most important nautical destination, boasting the most active catamaran charter fleet in the island. Sosua Beach  yacht parties and Puerto Plata private catamaran rentals are available for 20, 30, 50 and 80 passenger yachts.

Sosua catamaran rentals

Sosua Catamaran

A full selection of Sosua catamaran and yacht rentals, from a company with 15 years experience in the industry.

sosua yacht rental customers

Golden Treasures

Since 2008, provides catamaran and yacht rentals in Puerto Plata and its beach towns nearby.

Puerto Plata Villas
Dominican Republic Luxury Villas