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Power Yacht Types

Power Yacht Types

types of yachts

We at Sosua Catamaran list several types of vessels, so we wondered why not learn more about the different types. Among all the power yacht types options to enjoy the sea, the most popular are yachts, which are recreational boats and stand out for two reasons: they are larger than a sailboat and they are luxurious boats. They usually have a hull that is between 2.5 and 25 meters in length and are characterized by being propelled by motor or sail.

As for the engine, they can have one or more engines (depending on the size of the yacht) and be either outboard or integrated into the boat itself. Depending on the type of yacht, the size will be between 10 and 100 meters in length. What types of yachts exist? We have just seen the main characteristics that yachts usually have, but what types of yachts exist?

Motor yachts

They are those yachts that move thanks to an engine, controlled by a captain and that is capable of moving at high speeds without causing any kind of discomfort for the passengers. They are usually easy to control and have a shallow draft, especially when compared to other types of yachts such as sailboats. The list below lists the top in the category, with technical information on flagship models from various brands.

motor yacht
Large motor yacht maker Ferretti is one of the top 5 super yacht builders.

Some refer to motor yachts when talking about larger, more exclusive models, not just any type of yacht with a motor. The brands that build luxury motor yachts are Wally, Azimut, Sunreef, Ferretti, Nautor`s Swan, Princess yachts, Rossinavi, Riva, Dynamiq, Mangusta, Royal Huisman, Nobiskrug, Benetti, Baglietto, Lürssen (this one makes the largest super yachts, to their credit the Flying Cloud was born in their factory.

The model above is a Ferretti 1000, a new flagship from the Italian builder that symbolizes yachting at its best. This model has a LOA of 30.13m (98 ft 10 in); A max beam of 6.81m (22ft 4in), Draft of 2.29m (7ft 6 in) and max speed of 24 knots.


Flybridge Yachts

A flybridge is a type of motor boat with an upper helm station. These models generally measure upwards of 30ft long and are particularly popular in warmer climates, such as the Mediterranean. Also known as a flying bridge in the USA, these models benefit from all-round visibility when berthing. This is the area on top of a boat cabin, which usually holds a steering station and sometimes a social space.

Major brand names are Sunseeker, Ferretti, Sea Ray, Viking Yachts, Hatteras, Azimut, Prestige, Bertram,  A new example of a great flybridge yacht is the Viking 64 Convertible. This model has an overall length of 63 ft. 10 in. (19.46 m); Beam 18 ft. 11 in. (5.77 m ); Draft 5 ft. 7 in. (1.70 m) and gross weight of 99,738 lbs. (45,240 k). The cockpit area has 180 sq. (16.7 sq m), plenty of space and great design. The Tuna tower on top makes it the ideal yacht for serious anglers, and its sleek design appeals to high end customers.

Flybridge Yachts are very popular, often built as convertibles.


Performance motor yachts

Performance motor yachts are characterized by a smaller size and a sportier silhouette. They are the ideal option for all those who want to explore or navigate more kilometers of coastline, given that their size allows greater autonomy and greater speed. Among the best brands are Hatteras, Princess, Fairline, Pershing, Hunton, Magnum, Maori, Palmer Johnson, and many more.

The Palmer Johnson 72M SuperSport is an example of a very modern performance motor yacht, having 72 meter over all length; a 14.5 meter beam, with max speed of 27 knots. It is built of aluminum and has a capacity for 14 guests+ 3 crew.

performance yacht
A performance yacht of unique features, the Palmer 72M


Large motor-driven yachts

They are large yachts recommended for family trips, ranging in lengths of 33-130 feet (10-40 meters). They are characterized by their design, their great stability at sea and their space, both inside and outside, which provides extra comfort when there are several passengers on board. These large yachts are also often equipped with the latest technology and have a wide selection of leisure facilities.

The below is from Azimut, which we selected to show how powerful a motor yacht can be these days. The Magellano 66 features carbon tech (fibre)in the flybridge, hard top and platform, and has a dual mode hull that offers a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. It has an overall length of 20,15 m (66′ 1”); Beam 5,54 m (17′ 10”), a draft of 1,68 m (5′ 10”) and a displacement of 46,4 t (102293 lb).

This is a very advanced watercraft, pure luxury with muscles, at its best. The list of this type of yachts is nearly close to the motor yachts list at the start of the list.


Express Cruiser

An express cruiser has a more sleek design, with open cockpit that combine interior and exterior features that are larger than other cruisers. Some models include multiple cabins, a grill, outside galley, a head (room) and bathroom. This type of boat is in the 30-50 feet category, and is usually faster than larger yachts. They’re typically powered by twin diesels, sometimes with pod drives. Smaller express cruisers may be powered by stern drives with an inboard engine and an outdrive at the stern.

Although traditionally express cruisers have not featured outboard engines, this is changing rapidly. Among the best sports cruisers brands there is Four Winns, Sea Ray, Sabre, Tiara, Prestige, Hunt, Riva, and many more. Our selection is the Sea Ray Sundancer 370 outboard, which has joystick piloting, triple Mercury 300 Verado outboards and is super fast. This cruiser has a length of 39′ 9″ / 12.12 m, beam of 12′ / 3.66 m and weight of 21,008 lb / 9,529 kg.

Express cruiser
A Sea Ray express cruiser, the last generation model.


Mega yachts

These boats are the most advanced not only in terms of size, but also in terms of performance and luxury. They have the capacity to accommodate a large number of people and incorporate a large number of services, such as swimming pools, gyms, nightclubs and even cinemas or spas. Places like Monaco is where mega yacht owners get together, and there is a market for super yacht sales. Any yacht longer than 24 meters is a super yacht, but a mega yacht is 60 meters or longer.

mega yacht flying fox
Mega yacht flying fox is the largest of its kind.

These are the highest priced vessels and require a big crew to maintain them. The most notorious example of a mega yacht is the Flying Fox, built in Germany by Lürssen. This is considered as the largest mega yacht built to date, with an overall length of 136.0m (446’2″); it has a beam of 22.5 (73’10”), Draught max. 5.1(16’9″), gross tonnage of 9022 and net tonnage of 2730.

Who builds the mega yachts? a selected group of manufacturers that include Lürss from Germany, Heesen from Netherlands, Benetti from Italy, Nobiskrug from Germany, Oceanco from Netherlands and others with similar levels of craftsmanship.

Mega yacht deck plan
Super yachts deck plans show the complexity of the design.


Aft Cabin Yachts

Aft cabin yachts have a layout where the cabin is behind the cockpit, towards the helm area; which is more private than the standard yachts. This means that aft cabin types have less deck space and more cabin space. This power cruiser is a favorite for living inside the boat and long range cruising, specially at night time. Well known brands for this type of yacht are Hatteras, Marex, Meridian, Silverton, Sea Ray, Cruisers yachts, Viking, Bavaria yachts, and Carver among others.

The model below is the Marex 320, a beautiful aft cabin yacht with impressive specs. It has a length of 9,99 m, beam of 3,30m; its height without cradle is 3,84m and above the waterline without mast 2,85m. The empty boat weights approx. 5000 kg and it has Volvo Penta engine options: 320, 380 and 440 HP, virtually an option to cater to every customer`s needs.

aft cabin cruiser
Aft cabin cruisers provide more interior room and privacy.


Luxury Yachts

They are power yachts that measure between 18 and 25 meters, approximately and that, as in the previous case, also have services and facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of their passengers. In addition, they also usually have a service crew, such as waiters and chefs, sailors and a captain who will ensure the correct operation of the ship and the enjoyment and comfort of the passengers. In addition, these yachts usually have separate rooms known as cabins. As an additional curiosity, boats that measure less than 12 meters are known as cruisers.

luxury yacht
Luxury yachts are the upper level of yachting.

The luxury yacht definition gets harder to measure, because most motor yachts are now designed with luxury standards, be in the medium, large, super and mega level. San Lorenzo, Hatteras, Viking, Lagoon, Leopard, Nautitech, Azimut, Prestige, and a long list we`ll publish in another post due to its lengthy nature. It is better to look at all the various power yacht types before deciding what is best for you. The Dominican Republic offers many great choices in its various marinas, and Puerto Plata has a great catamaran and yacht rental service with full concierge available.



Sailboats are more classic boats, since they are propelled through sails and the vast majority do not have an engine. They are ideal for anyone who wants a traditional and authentic sailing experience. There are different types of sailboats, classified by hull type (monohull, catamaran or trimaran); the type of keel (fin, wing, bilge, centerboard, daggerboard) or mast configuration (ketch, cat, cutter, schooner, rig sloop ) and sails.

The various types are: cruising catamaran, beach catamaran, motorsailer, racer cruiser, racing sailboats, sailing dinghies, and daysailer. Major makers of sailboats are Catalina, Wally, Bavaria Yachts, Groupe Beneteau, Oyster yachts, Nautor Swan, Catalina, Hallberg-Rassy, Amel, Hinckley, and Lagoon among others. The model below is the Bavaria C45, as they describe it, pure sailing pleasure.

It features a hull length of 13,60 m, beam 4,49m, and can be 3-5 cabins. The manufacturer claims the BAVARIA C45 obeys every rudder movement under sail and when maneuvering at port. VPP sail performance at 12kn true wind speed means this can go fast.

Sailboats offer a true sailing experience.



Catamarans are hybrid vessels between sailboat and motor yacht, since they combine both types of propulsion. You will recognize them by their characteristic design of two connected hulls. They are usually spacious, both inside on the decks and outside, and most of these boats incorporate a ladder for easy access to the sea. There are also power catamarans, which have no sail and are exclusively powered by internal engines.

catamaran drone view
A catamaran is double hulled and uses both power and sails.

These types of power yachts are suitable for any type of navigation, especially suitable for navigating exclusive or lost coves. Brands such as Moorings, Lagoon, Leopard, Nautitech, Leen, Sun Reef, Sea Wind, Fountaine Pajot, Gemini, Bali, and many more have made a name in the industry. In Puerto Plata, Sosua Catamaran offers various brands as rentals for parties and private charters.

The photo above is the Lagoon 55, its stunning design the reason this brand is one of the top makers of catamarans in the world. The 55`s specs include an overall length of 16,56 m / 54’4”, maximum beam of 9,00 m / 29’6” and draft of 1,55 m / 5’1”. The mast clearance is 28,93 m / 94’11” and the light displacement (EEC) is 27,7 T / 61,079 Lbs. The upwind sail area is 181 m² / 1,948 sq ft and engine options are 2x 115 CV / 2 x 115 HP. 


Pilot House Yachts

The pilot house type of yacht has a design that allows full visibility from an inside steering position, protected from the elements; the helm position is covered front and back, as the name implies, like a pilot house. Some pilot house boats are fishing boats with a center console, and some trawlers have a raised pilot house, higher than the main cabin.

Major brands of Pilot house yachts are Azimut, Beneteau, Boston Whaler, Carver, Hampton, King Fisher, among others. Many power yacht types are manufactured by the same brand, as you can tell in this article. The model below is from Beneteau, the Antares 11 Fly. its overall length is 36`7″, with a hull length of 32’6″; The hull beam is 11’2″ and its light displacement 13,550 lbs.  Its ample cockpit sets it apart from competitors, specially the aft L-lounge that converts into sunpads. The fully-fitted galley for cruising and forward sun lounger are features that make it a complete power boat.

pilot house yacht
The Antares 11 Fly is a class of its own, shadowing competitors.

Yachting is a great hobby, enjoying the ocean is a very healthy activity for the body and soul. Always follow yachting safety tips to have fun in a safe environment for you and your loved ones. Follow our news blog for more articles on Catamaran rentals, yacht charters and the nautical lifestyle of the yachting world. And remember, time is the most precious asset you own, use it wisely.

Feel like owning a yacht? check out the worldwide catamaran manufacturers directory, that also includes trimaran boats. The resources for chartering, custom ordering or learning more about the types of yachts are available in the list below:


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The power yacht types video from Captain V below offers a great insight on the market, be sure to follow her channel, NautiStyles.


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