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Imbert Beach Sosua

Imbert Beach Sosua

Imbert beach Sosua, considered one of the best secluded beaches in the North region, specially for its coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. This is a must visit by all the Sosua yachts and catamaran cruises, where people jump into the water and snorkel or dive into the coral reefs locally known as the Sosua Three Rocks. It is a very interesting tour in open, crystalline waters facing the Hispaniola Residential and Infiniti Blu luxury condo developments.

A Dream Beach

Several years ago, this beach extended all the way to the Sosua by the Sea resort, then it shifted, and totally disappeared. Gradually the sand returned to the condos zone, and turned the shore into a large, shallow swimming pool of exquisite value to those who ventured in its waters.

As of August 2022 the beach split in two as seen in the pictures, with the left side at General Imbert’s old property and the right side at the Marriott resort. The oceanfront of the Hispaniola condos is perhaps the nicest shallow natural pool in the North Coast.

Eventually one of the resorts spent a fortune building a jetty to keep the sand from leaving and half of the beach became a protected area behind wave breakers. It is now a beach similar to those made in other large scale projects facing the ocean.

Three Rocks Sosua
The Sosua Three Rocks across Imbert Beach Sosua

Looking at the jetty it seems that the beach is coming back to the area, spreading towards the condo developments as it used to be a few years ago. The photo #4 shows how the luxury resort created an infiniti swimming pool with very nice vistas.

The new resort is under the Marriott flag, and their side of the beach is private given the circumstances of its creation. The other side can be reached through private property, or by renting one of the condos on either side – Marriott also rents there.

Imbert Beach Sosua is the last in the coastal line before reaching the Playa Chiquita, a tiny sandy shore beach right after the Three Rocks reef site. The Sosua paradise condos are also available for rental right next to the jetty, and have access to the fancy restaurant of the Marriott resort. Casa Marina beach sits on the left side, another great beach to explore in Sosua.


  • Excellent location in town
  • Quiet Most of the time
  • Scenic photography
  • Crystalline waters
  • Superb snorkeling points
  • Excellent Security


  • No public access
  • Need to stay in condo or hotel
  • Luxury service cost

On Google Maps:

Imbert Beach Sosua
Calle Bruno Phillips #5

Garmin GPS: Lat/Long 19.769374,-70.517094