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Playa Chiquita Sosua

Playa Chiquita Sosua

Playa Chiquita beach Sosua is a hidden gem located in the residential area of the same name. True to its name, this tiny beach spot is a romantic corner where few venture to visit in favor of more extensive beaches. Due to this, this secluded beach does not offer any type of services to visitors.

Casino & Lodging

The Playa Chiquita casino has slot machines, poker, roulette and card games, attracting a gamer crowd each night. It is located within walking distance, and is also famous for hosting the Latin Club Disco and bar. The area is home to many rental condos and Sosua villas, some with scenic ocean front vistas and party friendly.

sosua marine life
Three Rocks offer great snorkeling and diving in Sosua.

Three Rocks Snorkeling

Playa Chiquita beach sits right next to the Sosua Three Rocks reefs, a set of 3 coral heads at mid to shallow depth where tour groups snorkel almost everyday. The tropical fish found here include Wrasses, Blue Tang, Sergeant Major, Yellow Tail Snapper, Chromis, and other interesting Sosua marine species of the Caribbean.

Playa Chiquita Aerial Views

To explore other Sosua beaches larger in size visit Imbert Beach, Casa Marina Beach, Alicia Beach or Sosua Beach. All these are located in that same order by coincidence in size. Sosua Ocean Village is also the one with the most amenities inside a gated community, just past Playa Chiquita.

On Video

Playa Chiquita beach can be visited anytime, it is wide open to the public. Noise considerations must be in place to play music because there are private properties flanking the beach left and right.

As seen in the video above, Catamaran cruises make stops here, also the Sosua yacht rentals we list in this website. Guests can jump from the boats to the water, feed the fish in the coral reefs and even swim to the beach if fit enough for the swim to shore.

Some fishermen use this beach to cast their bait, although local regulations forbid fishing in favor of better snorkeling and diving for tourists. The rocky shores are dangerous if the sea conditions are choppy, better to stay away when weather is foul. In a sunny day, it can be perfect.


  • Secluded, mostly quiet beach
  • Zero vendors
  • Postcard-like Scenery
  • Great for photography
  • Just a short walk away
  • Lodging options nearby


  • Must supervise swimmers
  • Open ocean
  • No services of any kind
  • Limited space
  • No security or lifesaver
On Google Maps

Playa Chiquita Beach
Calle Argentina, Playa Chiquita, Sosua
Garmin GPS: Lat/Long 19.776045,-70.512995