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Alicia Beach Sosua

Alicia Beach Sosua

Alicia beach Sosua is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Puerto Plata region, and one of the youngest too. This North Atlantic beach formed after a storm in 2003, slowly growing over the next few years. Its location used to be open ocean cliffs where people gathered and some even jumped to swim in its waters.

During the 1940s-1960s the local meat factory would dump organic waste here and sharks would come to feast with it. Over time sand gave way to shallower shores and eventually a storm created the perfect conditions for the birth of a new beach ( see the article of new beach formation in Sosua, a good read).

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The Perfect Beach

Today, Alicia beach has expanded beyond its usual borders and has become the second most important beach of Sosua. It extends for 275.33 m (903.31 ft) and has a width of about 105.23 m (345.25 ft) in its center. As many North Coast beaches, it shifts from time to time, bringing in more sand, or pushing it out into the ocean.

This beach is quieter than its main sister Sosua Beach, and is mostly frequented by tourists staying at nearby hotels Casa Marina Reef and Casa Marina Beach. Playa Alicia (as known by locals) also hosts Dominicans traveling from inside the country.

Alicia Beach Restaurants

Two important restaurants are located on top of the beach, the Waterfront at the right corner overlooking the length of the beach, with impressive vistas, extensive terraces and a very complete international menu of drinks and gourmet food.

Right at the center there is a memorial park dedicated to the Jewish community that founded Sosua in 1940 after escaping persecution from the Nazi regime, and a great Italian restaurant called Stevens. This family owned gourmet restaurant is a favorite of expats, living and visiting Sosua, especially Italians.

On Video: Sosua and Alicia Beaches


  • Quieter than Sosua Beach
  • Loungers, umbrella rentals
  • Almost zero vendors
  • Restaurants deliver to the loungers
  • Feels secluded
  • Excellent running or walking beach
  • Great for small weddings, photography
  • Awesome sunsets
  • Good location, easy to walk to
  • Good Security


  • Best for truly good swimmers
  • Limited parking
  • Less food/drink options than other beaches
  • Very limited water sports
  • Not suitable for kids swimming

Those who prefer a postcard-like beach will find that quality in Alicia Beach Sosua, specially between Mondays and Fridays so as to avoid the weekends when it has more visitors. Private catamaran tours and Sosua yacht parties always make a stop at Playa Alicia, because of its scenic beauty.

Lodging is available right on the beach front at the several condo rentals facing this beach (Las Terrazas, Los Balcones, La Puntilla, Hispaniola Condos, etc) and private Sosua villa rentals nearby, inside gated communities just minutes away.

Other nearby hotels are El Rancho, Sosua by the Sea, Alicia Beach Resort, Casa Valeria, Piero Hotel, and several others). If you already know the beach and feel like owning property there, visit the Sosua condos for sale page and check the availability of Alicia beach real estate.

You can see a 360-degree view of Playa Alicia in the article we published recently titled Sosua beach 360. That photo was taken with a DJI drone and shows almost the entire center of town, El Batey.

On Google Maps:

Garmin GPS: Lat/Long 19.764492,-70.518980
Parque Mirador Sosua, Dr. Rosen Street, El Batey.

Photos courtesy of Sosua Beach and Edward Rivas.