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Sosua Three Rocks

Sosua Three Rocks

Sosua Three Rocks is one of the top 3 spots to visit on a snorkeling tour, consisting of 3 coral rock pinnacles lying at a depth of 9m (30 ft). This marine reserve is home to many species of tropical fish that includes Sergeant major, Yellow tail snapper, Tangs, Moray eels, cleaner shrimp and others.

Just a few minutes by boat from the coast of Sosúa, this is a favorite spot among novice divers,  The white sand floor surrounding the reef allows less experienced divers to fully enjoy the view without worrying about hitting or colliding with the coral. See the Sosua marine species list at the beach website.

All the Sosua catamaran and yacht charter tours visit this coral sanctuary, and tourists staying in most resorts in town will snorkel here. Novice divers find this a perfect spot to learn, before venturing into deeper diving areas such as Coral Gardens, Ray Point, Larimar, 5 Rocks and many others ( see map below).

A Superb Diving Spot

Diving spots around Sosua

The Sosua Three Rocks snorkel tour is included in all the yacht charters we book, and also the catamaran tours; the snorkel gear is included, and the tour extends to the other snorkeling spots spread around the bay of Sosua. Need to go diving? Sosua has a long list of great diving schools, all listed in the beach website.

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Three Rocks is located right in front of Imbert Beach, a beautiful area with a deluxe resort, condos developments and about 200 meters from Playa Chiquita beach. This place can be reached from Sosua beach in less than 10 minutes by boat.

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