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Piergiorgio Beach

Piergiorgio Beach

Piergiorgio Beach is the youngest and smallest in Sosua, just formed in July 2017. That this generation saw the birth of two beaches  (Alicia beach in 2003) is amazing. This beach is located right below the Piergiorgio hotel, which is a clifftop landmark of Sosua, founded by designer Piergiorgio Tirabasso from Italy.

This tiny beach is only 25.20 m (82.68 ft) meters long, with an approximate width of 14.13 m (46.35 ft). This can change with sea conditions, so sometimes the sandbank is bigger or smaller. The surrounding areas were coral that sadly no longer exist, and it can be shallow around its perimeter.

The Hotel

The Piergiorgio hotel is a true landmark of Sosua, set on a cliffside overlooking Sosua Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This hotel has  a gingerbread-adorned wraparound veranda, characteristic of Puerto Plata‘s glorious Victorian years.

The front entrance reproduces a bay window and faces a dramatic marble and precious wood staircase that ascends to the third floor, to Italian penthouses with large terraces overlooking the ocean.

Cliffside vistas of the hotel
A true landmark of Sosua, the Piergiorgio Hotel.

Reaching the Piergiorgio beach is easy going through the hotel, using their bar and restaurant or just staying there as a guest or day pass. Also, the beach can be accessed by boat or swimming from Sosua beach. It is more a place to kayak to, snap a few photos and relax on a beautiful day.

On Video

An article titled new beach forms in Sosua addressed the formation of beaches and its relation with neap tides. It is an interesting concept, because the sudden appearance of new beaches is a major event, specially in the island of Dominican Republic.

aerial view of Piergiorgio beach and Sosua beach
Aerial view of Piergiorgio Beach and Sosua Beach


  • Great for photo ops
  • Very secluded
  • Right next to Sosua Beach
  • Close to snorkel areas
  • Hotel Security


  • Tiny beach
  • Hotel Access
  • Limited space
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